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What is E-Commerce?
  • E-Commerce is conducting trading or Commerce on the Internet
  • Businesses can use the Internet to Sell their Products and Services to Customers
  • Products can either be Hard Goods (eg. physical products) or Soft Goods (eg. subscriptions, software licenses)
  • E-Commerce can supplement your existing business!
Why use E-Commerce?
  • With the Internet you can potentially reach millions of customers both here in Australia and Overseas
  • The infrastrure cost of establishing an E-Commerce site is minimal compared to a physical outlet
  • An E-Commerce site may cost $1,000 dollars to setup compared to a physical outlet which may cost $100,000 and yet yield great potential gain for minimal outlay
  • E-Commerce is Big Business!! You can't afford not to be using it!
Who uses E-Commerce?
  • Amazon   Online Retailer of Books,CD,DVD,Electronics
  • Ebay        Online Auction Site
  • Expedia   Online Travel Agent
  • Seek        Online Jobs Site

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